Andy Gott

A garden in Seville, Spain


19 Jan 2014

Whenever I travel I return feeling invigorated, refreshed, excited about the future and full of ideas. This is partly about relaxation and disconnection from my usual day-to-day, but I think it’s also about experiencing other places—soaking up the atmosphere, meeting people, and watching the place happen around me.

There’s something particularly nourishing about discovering communities in other places, and it amazes me that even as a relative outsider, you can find a sense of belonging—as temporary as it may be—reading a book at a pavement cafe, or watching the world go by in a tree-lined square.

The other day I made a quick list of European cities I’d love to visit yet never have. Being within relatively quick and cheap flights or train journeys of such interesting places, I think it’s about time I started working my way through them.

Here’s my list (plus the handful I’ve already visited, for completeness):

I’ll add to this as I think/hear of others. If you have any suggestions, let me know via Twitter.